Standard Brake Service, Pads with Resurface

Ask our experienced staff if your brakes need service.

Starting at $329.95


  • Installation of new brake pads with resurface
  • Inspection of brake components

Full Brake Service

For brake pads and rotors that are no longer reliable.

Starting at $499.95per axle


  • Replacement of front or rear brake pads and rotors with OEM pads.

Brake Flush

Keeps your brakes operating at peak performance.

Starting at $169.95


  • Removing current brake fluid
  • Replacing fluid

How to Tell If Your Brakes Need Service

Your brakes are what help your vehicle stop when you need it to. Arguably one of the most important operating features on your car, it's paramount to the safety of you and your passengers that you take proper care of your brakes. There are many indications that your brakes might need service, and this year we're encouraging drivers to take the initiative and do their due diligence when managing the health and well-being of their brakes. To help get you started, consider some indicators listed below:

  • Loud or Obnoxious Sounds - If you hear any loud squeaking or scraping sounds coming from your brakes, then you'll want to have them checked out right away. Most likely if you're experiencing a lot of obnoxious noises, it means that your brakes have reduced down to bare metal and the noise you hear are the two pieces rubbing together.
  • Decrease in Break Pressure - A loss in brake pressure could mean that there's a problem with your brake lines. If for some reason you're low or leaking brake fluid, you could notice a significant decrease in your brake pressure which will make it extremely unsafe to drive at high speeds.
  • Takes Longer to Slow Down - Failing brakes won't be as responsive and will cause you to take longer to slow down. If you're experiencing this, be sure to drive with extra caution and tread lightly as you'll want to have your brakes inspected by a professional immediately.

Where to Have Your Brakes Inspected

If you're a driver in the greater Union, NJ area, look no further than Maxon Mazda for all your fast and efficient brake service needs. Whether you need to get them looked at by an expert or you need a complete reinstall, we've got you covered! Utilizing the latest automotive tools and technology, our Maxon Mazda service center boasts the capability to help tackle all of your brake-related services to ensure you stay safe and in control of your vehicle this season. To learn more and to speak with a member of our service team, please call, click, or visit us in person today!

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