Value Your Trade at Maxon Mazda

If you have ever tried selling your car around Newark, NJ, you no doubt know how challenging it can be. That is why you might want to consider trading in your car at Maxon Mazda. At our dealership in Union, we make it easy to trade your vehicle in and get a new one. Here is how you can trade your vehicle at Maxon Mazda.

Value Your Trade with Ease

At Maxon Mazda, we make it simple to find your vehicle's value. You can even do it without leaving your home in Elizabeth, NJ. All you have to do is visit our website and fill out our secure Kelly Blue Book® valuation form and in just seconds you can get an accurate estimate of how much you should get for your vehicle.

How to Trade In Your Car

You can trade your vehicle in at Maxon Mazda in just three easy steps:

  • Step one: Value your trade on our website
  • Step two: Browse our inventory for a vehicle you want to bring home
  • Step three: Bring your current vehicle to our dealership and finance your new vehicle at a significant discount

Our Most Popular Models

Some of the most exciting new Mazda vehicles in our inventory that you can bring home to Hudson County when you trade in your current car include:

Trade In Your Car and Bring Home Your Dream Vehicle Today

Instead of struggling to sell your vehicle on your own, why not trade it in at Maxon Mazda, and bring home a spectacular new car in the process. You can even take the car you want on a test drive at our dealership. To schedule your trade or a test drive at Maxon Mazda, contact us today!