Vehicle Protection & You: What You Need to Know

We understand that there can be some confusion about what protection plans are available to new Mazda model owners, and we are here to help. Getting the right coverage is integral to your sense of security and comfort, and knowing that you have a plan in place to cover any issues that may arise down the road is something every driver should have, especially if you finance or lease a Mazda CX-3 or Mazda3. Being prepared for the worst only ensures that you can avoid excessive repairs and fees associated with covered items.

With a brief breakdown of each type of protection plan, we hope to help our customers drive away with the best coverage for their situation, ensuring you have peace of mind for what lies ahead. If you have questions about these plans or you want to take advantage of the coverage offered, let us know, and we'll be sure to help you.

Vehicle Protection Plan

Did you know that after your factory warranty expires is the most likely time that major repairs will be needed? This is where the Vehicle Protection Plan comes in because it can help you minimize the inconvenience of these services while hopefully saving you time and money. When you want to purchase one of these plans, you can do so depending on your vehicle's age and the mileage. Coverage for up to 120,000 miles means less worry for you and more money in your pocket. Certain terms apply, but you can use this plan with over 6,000 authorized service centers around the US and Canada.

Term Care Select

Imagine preparing for the worst and bring worry-free as you commute in your new Mazda car or SUV. That could be possible with the Term Care Select plan, which offers coverage for select mechanical malfunctions, regardless of whether you lease or finance, and provides a security blanket for the things you don't expect to go wrong. Major service or breakdowns don't have to catch you off-guard -- prepare ahead with this plan that may take care of gaps in coverage in your manufacturer's warranty.

Car Care Service

Factory warranties are great, but many are only valid if you maintain your vehicle regularly. We understand that sometimes things happen, and things fall through the cracks, or you simply do not have the money right now to have a tire rotation or brake repair. We understand, which is why the Car Care Service Plan could be a good fit for you. Having preset maintenance visits scheduled ahead of time helps minimize your wait time, and with the coupon booklet you get from this plan, you can take advantage of savings on select services.

Road Hazard Tire Protection

There's nothing worse than driving over a pothole and throwing your alignment out of balance or worse -- ruining your tire well before you anticipated. This is where our Road Hazard Tire Protection Plan comes in because it can cover many of the problems that you can't plan for but can be prepared to handle. This plan doesn't just cover your tires, your wheels also get the benefit from this protection, taking care of many issues including abnormal wear and tear, and cosmetic damage not covered by your warranty.

Lease Excess Wear & Tear

You know that someday you'll hand over the keys to your leased Mazda car or SUV and walk away (or hopefully drive off into the sunset in a brand-new model), but what happens if you incur unexpected damages during your lease term? Instead of losing your deposit, having to pay out of pocket, or repairing the issues on your own dime, consider this option. Planning for wear and tear is impossible because things happen that are beyond our control, but the Lease Excess Wear and Tear Plan offers coverage for up to $7,500 on approved items. This can include dings, dents, scratches, and more that you may have experienced during your lease terms. Vehicle must be turned in at any time before or within the one year after the originally scheduled maturity date stated on your contract, and you cannot use the purchase option.